About Us

                 BABYMOBILE is part of the MB Communication Network (MB Network) which is implemented into a netizen network and blogger Indonesia. We give space for the existence of netizens and bloggers pour ideas, ideas, opinions, and share information, knowledge, and stories about experiences that inspire them to create a better life.

  • In accordance with the meaning of MB is Advanced and Synergy, BABYMOBILE become a strategic partner for netizen friends and bloggers from various communities to network and work together to improve the quality and professionalism in the field of writing. BENEFITS WITH BABYMOBILE – MB NETWORK Blogger and netizen: 
  • Increase the branding personality of netizens and bloggers. We make room for netizens who do not have a blog to write interesting, informative, inspirational, and educative stuff at BABYMOBILE. 
  • Increase traffic to visit blogger blog. Because my friend can link posting on BABYMOBILE to blog buddy). BABYMOBILE will advertise great and interesting posts on FB Ads. • Adding relationships and networking bloggers especially to business partners (brands and agencies) 
  • Gain the opportunity to attend various training in knowledge and skill enhancement in the world of blogging and communication held by MB Communication in collaboration with related partners.
  • Opportunity to be part of the MB Communication team and be involved in various project activation and communication activities (brand activation).
  • Prioritized to get involved in MB Communication project such as job review, brand invitation, and so on.
  • Eligible to get a 10-30 percent advertising percentage if the advertiser put his banner in a friend’s post at BABYMOBILE.
  • Eligible to be included in the netizen of the month program, for those actively writing in BABYMOBILE, nice and interesting writing. MB will give rewards for selected friends.  

Blogger Community;

  • Gain the contribution of capacity building for its members. 
  • Opportunities are involved in various writing projects and brand promotion campaigns.