What is Baby Mobile

Spend time to redecorate the nursery become a necessity when a couple had a baby. While doing this, we also do not forget to prepare toys for the baby such as a unique baby mobile. This classic toy becomes part of all things related to babies. Even, it can be the first item purchased when the parents welcome the baby in their family.

A variety of unique and attractive baby mobile makes it a unique ornament in the nursery and a wonderful gift for expecting parents. For those of you who are interested in baby mobile diy, there are some things you need to know about what is baby mobile?

So What is Baby Mobile?

Baby mobile is a simple toy structure hung above the crib to stimulate and entertain your baby. When the baby is still in his early stages, he will spend much time laying on his back. Rather than staring at the boring ceiling, parents can install a unique baby mobile as a stimulating feature so the baby become more calm and comforted.

There are two types of baby mobile that is ceiling mounted baby mobile and crib mounted baby mobile. The first one is an early model of baby mobile and is mounted to the ceiling using a hook or screw. The downside of this baby mobile is you have to drill the ceiling to install it. When it’s time to remove it, you have to patch the trace at the ceiling.

Meanwhile, the crib mounted baby mobile became the most popular mobile baby nowadays. It can be installed quickly in the crib. Babies who see this toy will be stimulated and feel curious by its movement driven by wind or mechanically.

How to Make Your Own Baby Mobile?

If you want to make a memorable gift for your friend, you can follow this simple step of how to make baby mobile for the beginner below.

  1. You do not need a lot of skill to be able to make an attractive baby mobile. It only required a few cotton strings, small balloons, glue gun, a thread (baker’s twine), scissors, a selection of buttons, needle, a wooden embroidery hoop, fabrics or patchwork with various patterns and a variety colors of pom poms.
  2. The first step is to make baby mobile ornaments from patchwork. Arrange some patchwork with a specific theme. It can be a flower or circle shapes. Then stick the fabric one, then attach the buttons at the top layer using the glue Try using a decrease size of patchwork or with your own size to help the layering process.
  3. Then connect the patchwork with the pom-poms using the string. Sew it alternately according to your creativity, then tie each one of the strings on the wooden embroidery hoop with varying length of string.
  4. Once all are connected, hang the baby mobile structure on the crib or on the ceiling using a hook. It’s so simple, isn’t it?

When hanging the baby mobile diy, please be cautious never hang this toy low enough for the baby to grasp. Adjust in height as the baby grows and always be cautious about small items.

Baby Mobile bowl
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